Where do you get your coffee from?
We work with certified importers who source green, unroasted coffee beans directly from small co-ops and farms in growing regions around the world. Only after numerous rounds of sampling, evaluating, and scoring, will selections be finalized and incorporated into one of our coffee lines.

What are your roast levels?

Roast Level



Half City


  • Unique flavors from origin shine through the brightest here
  • Beans are light brown in color



  • Beans’ distinctive flavors from origin are balanced with a roast taste
  • Beans are medium brown in color

Full City

Medium Dark

  • Origin flavors and characteristics begin to fade, and there is an increasing roasted/bitterness taste
  • Beans are darkish brown in color and may have an oily sheen



  • Roasted/bitter flavor with little to no origin flavors
  • Beans are very dark brown in color and oily


How can I get the latest info on offerings, news, etc?
Follow us on social media @PINKAVAcoffee or check our website for up-to-date announcements. You can also sign up to receive emails about new arrivals and sneak peeks of what’s to come.

I ordered online - when will my coffee be shipped?
Orders received Monday thru Saturday by 12pm EST will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after that or on Sundays will be shipped the following business day.

Will I receive tracking information?
Yep! You will receive an email confirmation with tracking info when your order has been shipped.

How much of my purchase goes towards a good cause? And, where does it go?
We donate 10% of net profits to a non-profit focused on breast cancer research - specifically, enhancing early detection programs, improving treatment options, and ultimately finding a cure. For more details on how we give back, check out our blog - Our Rules for Giving