What started out as roasting coffee on a 1lb roaster in a garage as a hobby quickly snowballed into something much bigger. We now roast on a 12kg roaster in a commercial space we lovingly refer to as our "glam garage". As our physical space has grown, so has our offerings - we proudly source specialty grade, Fair Trade, and Organic coffees from small farms and co-ops around the world.

Why drink PINK?

It's simple. Drink great coffee. Do greater things™.

As a breast cancer survivor from the age of 29, I am committed to helping other young women impacted by this disease and inspiring STRONGER, BOLDER, BETTER living. With that, we give 10% to breast cancer research and early detection programs.

A joining of the words “PINK” and “JAVA", PINKAVA Coffee Company is built upon bringing you incredibly roasted coffees and making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Through thoughtful action and great coffee, together we can affect change.

Founder & Co-owner,
Stephanie Nichols