Our Rules for Giving

Giving is a wonderful thing, and a big part of our mission centers around giving back to the breast cancer community. Along that thread, we wanted to clearly detail how we go about doing that and also provide some insights into what to watch out for in general when donating. Firstly, we are NOT a nonprofit organization, and we are not trying to be one. We just love roasting and selling coffee, and want to do good while doing what we love. But hopefully you’re still curious as to how we give back!

How much do we donate, and where does the money go? We give 10% of net profit (not just our coffees, merch too!) to an independent nonprofit with a mission aligned with our own.

How often do we send donations to a nonprofit? Donations are made 2 times every year.

Donations accrue each month and are sent to a selected nonprofit as a lump sum at the end of the following months – May and December.

We are not exclusively partnered with a particular nonprofit, and a lot of research goes into determining where the donation is sent each time; recipients are featured on our website and social media feeds. Two main factors are analyzed in the vetting process – the mission of the nonprofit, and how efficiently and transparently the nonprofit utilizes contributions (its impact). We want to ensure that 1. Our donation makes sense - the nonprofit’s mission is in alignment with our own, and 2. Our donation makes a difference – the nonprofit prioritizes funding for mission-related programs.  

Onto some general, good-to-know guidelines when giving…not all nonprofits are created equal. Ask questions if you see “a portion of proceeds goes to…” – specifically, what portion? And, how long is the donation campaign running for? You may find the portion is extremely miniscule or be surprised to learn the campaign is only running for a very limited time. Also, be aware that not-so-legitimate, low-rated nonprofits often have very similar names to legitimate, highly rated ones. As horrible as it sounds, there are people out there who are trying to trick you out of a buck in the name of a good cause. Take this example - one of these was ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to be dissolved in 2016 because it was uncovered to be a scam. Any guesses?

A. American Breast Cancer Foundation

B. Breast Cancer Research Foundation

C. Breast Cancer Society

D. National Breast Cancer Foundation

E. National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

Obviously, it’s not that obvious. Never assume a nonprofit is legit because it sounds legit – do some digging. Make sure your contribution matters. We strive to ensure every donation we make has a positive and discernable impact in the arenas of breast cancer research, early detection programs, advances in treatment options, and, ultimately, finding a cure. Oh and the answer is C. As always, hit us up if you have any questions!

December 30, 2017 by Lee Nichols