Welcome to All Things PINK!

Welcome to All Things PINK! Let me introduce myself… my name is Stephanie and I am the founder/owner of PINKAVA Coffee Co. I am also a young breast cancer survivor gradually figuring out my purpose on this earth. I decided to start this blog to bring some awareness, some humor, and some harsh realities to light when young women receive the news that they have breast cancer.

Everyone knows what the pink ribbon represents but not many women under the age of 40 believe it personally applies to them. With this blog, I am looking to share my story so other young women can feel hope and maybe even laugh a little while they are going through something that is, at times, very difficult – both physically and emotionally.

I am writing to the young woman just diagnosed with breast cancer. The young woman making the tough decisions with the fight to keep pushing ahead. The young woman with reach-for-the-stars kinds of goals and ambitions. The young woman with a true zest for life. I am also writing to the spouse/family members/loved ones/friends wanting to support and care for a young woman with breast cancer.

Ultimately, I hope my story inspires other young women to live STRONGER, BOLDER, and BETTER!

August 01, 2017 by Stephanie Nichols

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