Talking about boobies with friends and family

When I was a kid, my mom taught me and my sister to be polite and respectful at all times. Under this umbrella meant certain things were relatively taboo to do or talk about in public. Once you have cancer though, that shit flies straight out of the window. I’ve had to get real detailed in my explanation of any bodily weirdness I noticed, and have shown and had friends, family, and an array of medical professionals grope and poke my new boobies more times than I can count.

Talking about breast cancer right after I was diagnosed was, at times, as difficult as hearing it from my doctor. It was important for me to remember that I was in control of the conversation and got to decide just how much information I was going to share. It felt super awkward at first. Boobies are not something that is typical dinner conversation, particularly when discussed in relation to cancer. My story shocked most people I told because, for the most part, I looked healthy, was so young, and had no family history of breast cancer.

Now, talking about my boobies is like second nature. I guess it just came with practice. I don’t feel embarrassed at all. Not one bit. I could talk about them all day long. I mean that would make for a long/terrible conversation, but I could do it. I just don’t give a damn anymore. My original ones tried to kill me and I took certain steps in an attempt to make sure that didn’t happen. So why be ashamed? Why be embarrassed to talk about how I didn’t let this disease kill my spirit or prevent me from living the life I have always dreamed of?

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