Everybody moves on… even my oncologist.

I guess I should have anticipated that some relationships just aren’t meant to last.

After being diagnosed with cancer I was placed in the care of a number of doctors, all of whom I am very fond of, especially my oncologist, who, by the way, is a FIVE time Jeopardy winner… so, obviously that means he is INCREDIBLE. In addition to being a genius, he was patient, meticulous, non-dismissive, and all-business with zero sugar-coating.  

We’ve been together now for 4 years and have been through a lot… cancer, cancer treatment, and other strange illnesses that landed me in the hospital. I always knew that our relationship wouldn’t last forever, but I hoped it would at least last until I finished treatment. But no. I got news this week that my brilliant, straight shooter, Jeopardy champion of a doc has left the hospital where I am being treated. Not only did he leave the hospital, but he moved to an entirely different STATE. *tears*

My initial reaction was irritation. What? How could he end our relationship so abruptly? I felt surprised, abandoned, and (if we’re being honest here) slightly angry. Then, just as suddenly, I moved into a state of sheer panic. Who is my new doctor? How will they get up to speed on allllll of my medical records? Are they nice, normal, competent, all of the above? And, most importantly, how good are they at Jeopardy trivia?

I think I am most upset about this change in my medical team because my oncologist is the one doctor who has stuck with me throughout my entire cancer roller coaster. He was with me just days after my mastectomy and has been by my side ever since. I am anxious about starting over and developing a new relationship with someone who doesn’t know me or understand what I’ve gone through.

I meet the new guy in August.

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