Corn Dogs & Carnies

So, it wasn’t all gloom and doom...laughs and fun times were still had! One particularly fun time I remember happened just 3 days after the biggest surgery of my life. My caretakers (aka hubs (Lee) and momma bear) decided it’d be a great idea to check out the traveling carnival that had recently set up camp in a nearby shopping center. I’m pretty sure it was because at this point they were going a little house crazy. I can only imagine what a bundle of joy I was between naps, medically induced snoring, more naps, and bandage care. All doped up, my response was “I could go for a corn dog!”, and off we went on a little family adventure!

Everyone knows the best thing about a carnival is the food, and we wasted no time when we arrived, each of us heading straight for our deep fried snacks of choice. We then congregated at a picnic table where we were quickly joined by a carnie who was far more interested in sharing his life story than luring folks over to win a stuffed animal.

A gentle breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, music was playing, and I - for a brief moment - forgot about cancer. Sitting there in lime green PJs with my bubbles tucked in my shirt pockets eating an enormous corn dog. LIFE. WAS. GREAT! As I took it all in, I realized how much we all needed this break.

We didn’t ride any rides, much to my dismay – ha just kidding! Looking back on it, we were probably only there long enough to eat our snacks and walk back to the car, but it felt like we were there for hours. Even though it was a crazy idea, I’m so thankful we got out of the house even if it was only for a little bit. It’s a reminder to stop, smell the roses, and eat a corn dog once in awhile!

September 30, 2017 by Stephanie Nichols

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